MTV Pivots To MTV


MTV has announced a bunch of new shows that are mostly not new but still definitely shows.

The Viacom network is rebooting some of their most popular shows from the past few decades, Variety reports. (Full disclosure: I used to work at MTV News.) Daria is coming back as Daria & Jodie and will now split focus between original series lead Daria Morgendorffer and Jodie Landon. A logline for the revival describes Jodie as “one of [Daria’s] closest friends,” which…sure!

MTV’s also bringing back the animated cult hit Aeon Flux as a live-action series, mid-aughts makeover show Made, and The Real World—though, The Real World was still airing new episodes as recently as last year so “bringing back” might be a stretch.

There will also be actual new, non-reboot shows like The Valley, which sounds sort of like The Hills but it’s about teens who live in Nogales, Arizona, and MTV’s Straight Up Ghosted, which sounds kind of like Catfish but it’s about ghosting. Here’s hoping their host doesn’t have an abusive past!

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