Mystery Solved: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Were (and Still Are) For Real Married


One of the great mysteries of the nascent 21st century has been solved — Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were legally married, not just symbolically, Kabbalah married, at least according to some sterling references over at Radar, as well as California real estate law. Speculation had been forest-fire-in-late-August rampant — rampant, I say! — that the pair may have been tethered by only a symbolic Kabbalah ceremony in 2005, but a Quitclaim deed on one of the their properties (dated March 6, 2012) refers to Demi Moore as “spouse” and Ashton Kutcher as a “married man.” The truth — it will set you free.

Radar also notes that the couple has yet to file for divorce, a lingering fact that fueled speculation they’d never been legally married in the first place. As many of you news junkies may know, Moore announced almost a year ago that she was totally and utterly and completely finished with Ashton Kutcher, forever. Now, Jackie and Kelso are back together, accumulating god only knows how many boxes of puppies.

Mystery Solved! Ashton And Demi Were Legally Wed, Did Not Have Kabbalah Ceremony [in Touch]

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