National Treasure Amber Rose Presents Delightful Guide to Mastering the 'Walk of No Shame' 


Amber Rose is, factually, looking better and having a better time than pretty much everyone. She’s parlayed that into an inspiring public service announcement with Funny or Die, in which she has sex with a rando and struts home the next morning, shoes in hand, going-out dress riding both up and down, waving cheerily at everyone from the milkman to the mayor.

“I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night!” bellows a construction worker, in probably the funniest moment. “I think we can all agree: having sex is fun!”

“Oh, yes it is,” Rose winks.

The video works because of Rose’s obvious and over-the-top joy in the joke. Please watch through to the end to reveal the man with whom she shared a night of passion but did not leave her number. Seems about right.

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