Netflix Is Making a Drama Out Of Amy Chozick's Bestselling Clinton Campaign Memoir

Netflix Is Making a Drama Out Of Amy Chozick's Bestselling Clinton Campaign Memoir

They say to write what you know, and if what you know happens to be what it’s like to slog along the campaign trail during the longest and most dispiriting election season this nation has ever seen, then your name is Amy Chozick, and Netflix has given a series order to a drama inspired by your bestselling book about covering the election as a reporter for the New York Times. Congratulations, this is a momentous achievement for you.

Netflix beat out a number of other outlets for The Girls on the Bus, which according to Deadline will not be about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but a fictionalized version of a chapter from Chozick’s Chasing Hillary:

It draws inspiration from The Girls On the Bus chapter in the book, which in turn is a take on the famous 1973 book The Boys On the Bus, about the male reporters who used to dominate the campaign trail.
Written by [Julie] Plec and Chozick, The Girls On the Bus chronicles four female journalists who follow the every move of a parade of flawed presidential candidates, finding friendship, love, and a scandal that could take down not just the presidency but our entire democracy along the way.

If this were an Aaron Sorkin-type joint I’d probably skip it, but because it promises friendship and love and scandal, I will undoubtedly devour it faster than those poor political reporters devoured their wilted Panera sandwiches. Chasing Hillary was hailed as “The Devil Wears Prada meets Boys on the Bus, but also, “a kind of Bridget Jones’s Diary meets What It Takes, coming-of-age rom-com set on the campaign trail.” My hopes for The Girls on the Bus are that it’s All the Presidents Men meets Euphoria, or alternatively, House of Cards meets ET, or the bridge from Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” meets a honey baked ham. Anything else will be trash.

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