New Hampshire May Revive Bill They Happily Destroyed in Front of Kids


A New Hampshire politician is trying to revive a bill that his colleagues merrily beat to death in front of the schoolchildren who authored it. State Senator Jeff Woodburn says the bill, written by fourth graders to make the red-tailed hawk the new state raptor, shouldn’t have turned into a messy beatdown invoking both hot dogs and abortion. You don’t say?

Earlier this month, Woodburn’s colleagues over in the House merrily traumatized the fourth graders by verbally shredding the bill, which the kids had written as an exercise in civics. One representative, John Burt, called the bill a waste of time, grousing, “We’ll be picking a state hot dog next.” Warren Groen of Rochester commented that the bird would make “a better mascot for Planned Parenthood,” because it tears things apart. Funny, Warren.

Now, Senator Jeff Woodburn says he’ll try to resurrect the fourth graders’ bill, by attaching it as a rider to another bill that would make the bobcat the official state wildcat.

“We have an opportunity to right a serious wrong,” Woodburn said, according to local station WMUR,” and provide a meaningful and teachable moment for not only our young people, but for all of us.”

Another lesson, by the way, is that if you act like a real shithead in front of adorable schoolchildren, the Internet may mock you, but you’ll face no real disciplinary consequences. Groen won’t be disciplined in any way for his remarks.

That’s a red-tailed hawk eating a pigeon. Image via Shutterstock

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