New Laxative Ad Features Swirly Poop People Trapped in a Butt Dungeon


The ad world is rumbling about a new print campaign for Dulcolax, in which your constipated colon is represented by a round brown dungeon, and your turds as chocolate soft-serve prisoners. The tagline: “Only you can set them free.”


As usual, Copyranter puts it elegantly:

Above is a new ad just pushed out the PR poop chute this week by McCann China. Dulcolax is one of the world’s leading laxative brands, made by $15 billion German pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim.
The anthropomorphized “Shits” here are imprisoned in your anus, as you can see. The Shits have eyes. A couple of the Shits have boobs. Child Shits are present. One of the Shits, the one marking the days on the “prison” wall has been up your ass a long time. If you’ve ever had a colonic, you know this is accurate. Dulcolax will not save him.

(This entire post, which provides a comprehensive retrospective on feces in advertising, is a MUST-READ.)

Some questions:

  • What is this poo’s crime?
  • Are the poos innocent or guilty?
  • Did these poos have a fair trial?
  • In this metaphor, does Dulcolax represent the justice system or a prison break?
  • Why are the male poos and the female poos housed together? Is that ethical?
  • If the lady poos have boobs, does that mean they have complete reproductive systems?
  • Where do baby poos come from?
  • Is poo breast milk diarrhea?


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