New Video Series Stars Christians Who Love the Gays


Now that the phrase “It Gets Better” is more culturally pervasive than Pepsi’s slogan (is it still “You Got The Right One Baby, Uh-Huh!”?), Dan Savage has launched a new project with marginalized gay kids in mind. This time around, instead of adults reassuring The Youths that bullying will subside, gay-embracing Christian folk make videos where they reassure LGBTQ folk that even though homophobic faithful tend to shout the loudest, most Christians don’t actively wish for the flaming deaths of non-straights. Finally, a place besides everywhere for Christians to helpfully explain to gay people that not all Christians hate gay people.

The project is called “Not All Like That” (or NALT for short) and was launched just yesterday. Already, dozens of pro-acceptance Christians have posted videos to the site.

Savage says that the project arose from the fact that after speaking events, there always seemed to be Christians clamoring to inform him that not all Christians were “like that” (“that” being the sort of person who pushes for gay executions in Uganda, or expresses a desire to respond to pictures of same sex affection on Facebook with a “vomit” button). He contends that unless “the good” Christians speak up, they’re allowing “the bad” Christians to speak for them and publicly define Christianity as an intolerant faith for hateful jerks.

Anything that makes the world a more welcoming, less scary place for gay people is fine by me. But I’d hope that the people in Savage’s latest video project direct at least as much energy to changing the minds of the Christians who are “like that” as they do to reassuring the public that they are one of the good ones.

[Fast Company]

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