New Zac Efron Movie Features a Financially Irresponsible Dennis Quaid as Papa Efron


Watching the trailer for this new movie about Zac Efron Becoming A Serious Dramatic Actor, you can’t help but feel like you’re watching a sequel to the remake of Footloose. It takes place in small town America. Zac Efron, the poor man’s Kenny Wormwald, is in it. Dennis Quaid is also in it. He plays a suffocating paternal figure who just can’t let his rebellious son live his own life. There’s a dirt racing scene. All of these things are things that apparently happen in At Any Price, a movie that initially seems like a teenage-y melodrama, but turns very quickly into a serious family melodrama, co-starring Heather Graham as a racetrack groupie. It seems like Dennis Quaid makes some pretty irresponsible financial decisions. It doesn’t seem likely that this one will end with a dance number.

via Buzzfeed

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