NJ Bakery Shut Down for Brilliantly Putting Sugar into Sugar-Free Baked Goods


The stern hand of confectionary justice has forced a New Jersey bakery (it really couldn’t have been anything other than a New Jersey bakery) to stop peddling its diabetes-inducing morsels after the FDA discovered that the bakery (which, again, is in New Jersey) was dumping assloads of sugar into its sugar-free baked goods and pumping more than twice the advertised fat into its chocolate chip and blueberry muffins. (Muffin ingredients, as this informative video shows, have been notoriously difficult for the FDA to regulate over the years.)

According to NBC News, a federal judge issued a consent decree against the jauntily-named Butterfly Bakery in Clifton, NJ after FDA officials said the bakery spent years mislabeling their sweet treats and flouting FDA authority. The FDA warned Butterfly chief executive Brenda Isaac about the misleading labels back in 2011, but the bakery apparently couldn’t resist doing a little Seinfeldian mischief by dousing unwittingly health-conscious patrons with a steady and delicious stream of liquified glaze:

In a letter, agency officials said tests showed the firm’s No-Sugar Added Blueberry Muffins contained more than twice the fat listed on nutrition labels. For instance, the label states that one serving – half of a muffin – contained 3.5 grams of fat. But the portion actually contained 9.4 grams of fat per half-muffin serving, about 170 percent beyond what the label said.
Another treat, Sugar-Free Double Chocolate Chip Muffins, contained about 444 percent more saturated fat than listed on the product label, the FDA said.

For all you (and I can’t imagine very many of you are reading this, but just in case) conservatives decrying government overreach, this is exactly why we need federal oversight, so that enterprising (and I can’t stress this part enough) New Jersey hucksters don’t try to pull the ol’ sugar in sugar-free snack cakes ruse.


Image via osov/ Shutterstock.

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