NJ High School Sweethearts Finally Get Marriage License After 40 Years


Look, it’s not always easy to be proud of New Jersey. Until Monday, the state had two undisputedly awesome things, really: blueberries and saltwater taffy (and saltwater taffy isn’t really that awesome). Maybe Bruce Springsteen, depending on your tolerance for another generation’s music icon. Thanks to Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson’s ruling that state officials had to start officiating same-sex marriage come Oct. 21, New Jersey has another legit source of pride: stories like that of Cindy Meneghin and Maureen Kilian, high school sweethearts who were finally allowed to get their marriage license this week after 40 years together.

The couple has spent the past decade engaged, and finally won the right to marry in their hometown of Butler, which sounds like the perfect inspiration for a Bruce Springsteen song.


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