No Exclusive On Heidi & Spencer's Wedding Pix

  • El oh el: It appears none of the celebrity weeklies have bought exclusive rights to pictures of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt‘s wedding this weekend.

A source says they’re not worried, because chances are, the pix will end up in all the mags: “They’d rather be on page 50 of Us, People, In Touch or Life & Style than be on the cover of a magazine like OK! that isn’t going to sell. They need to make money, and so does the magazine. The formula is changing,” spills a source. [MSNBC Scoop]

  • In this video of concert footage, Britney‘s extensions get ripped out of her head and left behind on a couch. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kudos to TMZ for the headline, “Britney Weaves It All On Stage.” [TMZ]
  • Lily Allen celebrated the end of her tour by having a “massive ice cream fight” in her dressing room. But she paid the clean-up bill: “Cost me $2,000. End of tour, time to get mashed.” [The Sun]
  • In case you forgot that Madonna‘s boyfriend Jesus Luz has a job, he totally walked the runway in a Jeffrey Fashion Cares fashion show. How do we feel about those white trousers? [WWD]
  • Even though Miley Cyrus is with Justin Gaston, is she still hung up on her ex, Nick Jonas? Were they making out recently? Are they MFEO (made for each other)? [Gatecrasher]
  • Jay Leno, who hasn’t missed work in years, checked himself into a hospital with a “mystery illness.” [NY Daily News]
  • Paris Hilton‘s “BFF,” Brittany Flickinger, was in a car crash in Hollywood last night; she wasn’t wearing a seat belt and slammed her head into the windshield. Luckily, she escaped with only a chipped bone in her leg. [TMZ]
  • Behold: Video of Justin Timberlake, in foxy glasses, talking about his mancrush on LeBron James: “He just lights me up!” He also declares Caddy Shack as the best sports movie ever. [Rolling Stone]
  • Ashton Kutcher‘s Twitter can now be considered a place to break new artists; he wrote about an unsigned singer/songwriter named Alex Highton and now the guy’s MySpace is blowing up. [Telegraph]
  • Guess who stars in one of Kanye West‘s next videos? Rihanna. Yeezy says, “She’s an amazing talent…Collaborating with her is always a pleasure!” [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Amy Winehouse‘s dad flew to St. Lucia yesterday to check on the singer. Will they go horseback riding together? [The Sun]
  • Beyoncé wants to do Broadway in a couple of years, when she’s settled down and had some rugrats with Jay-Z: “It’s my ideal job,” she explains. “I’ll be able to go to the theater every day and drop my kids off and maybe make some food — maybe I’ll know how to cook by then — and then go do what I love and have some normalcy and have a regular schedule.” [Reuters]
  • Kim Kardashian on Miss California, Carrie Prejean: “I don’t agree with her narrow mindedness and neither do a lot of people… Everyone has the right to be happy and be treated equally and I think not allowing gay marriage just kind of puts us back.” But KK also says: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She stood up for what she believes in so she should be happy with that backlash.” [People]
  • Is Pam Anderson down and out? Or is Courtney Love high? Wait. Don’t answer that. Courtney says: “Pam Anderson doesn’t even have a credit card. And she lives in Paradise Cove — which is in Malibu, but it’s a trailer park in Malibu.” [Page Six]
  • This piece about Russell Crowe begins: “He is a man’s man – or, rather, he is the kind of man in whom shabby, ageing, overweight, altogether untidy and unresolved males can see their manly image. In other words, Russell Crowe seems more than happy taking very little care of himself, his appearance or his ‘glamour.'” Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? [Guardian]
  • Jerry Seinfeld‘s grandparents arrived in this country via Ellis Island, and their story will be in the spotlight on May 19, when the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation bestows a “family heritage” award on Seinfeld. [NY Times]
  • Parker Posey is no longer dating Keanu Reeves and has moved on to a graphic designer and sculptor named Scott Lenhardt. As seen in this picture, they’re super happy and adorbs. [NY Mag]
  • Aww, pictures of Slumdog Millionaire stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto nuzzling up to each other over lunch in Israel — where Pinto is filming — will melt your cold, tiny heart. [Daily Mail]
  • This report calls Kate Middleton Prince William‘s “bride in waiting,” and notes that it’s been discovered that she’s related to Swallows And Amazons creator Arthur Ransome. [Daily Express]
  • Blogger Julia Allison lives in the same apartment building as Rosie O’Donnell. Wednesday she posted a Twitter which read: “Holy shit. My neighbor Rosie O’Donnell has been having a knock down drag out screaming match with Kelli for the last hour. Sad. 🙁 ” Anywho, JA deleted the post, maybe because it’s an invasion of privacy, but it’s sorta too late. [Ed note: This will be the only mention of Ms. Allison on this blog for all of 2009.] [Gawker]
  • Dane Cook was on Larry King Live, talking about his half-brother and former manager who embezzled millions from him: “It’s a terrible betrayal. But hopefully justice will be served and I can move on with my life.” [ET]
  • Sniffle: Elton John, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger have lost “huge chunks” of their personal fortunes due to the economic crisis. [Reuters]
  • Stephen Dorff has joined the cast of the porn industry comedy Born To Be A Star, which is produced and co-written by Adam Sandler. [Variety]
  • Blind item! “Which closeted – and married – actor almost had his cover blown when he hit on a straight man in a sauna? Word is the offended dude is now quite wealthy, thanks to a payoff.” [Gatecrasher]
  • “Although I’m her friend, [I don’t want to defend her to her detractors] because that’s their right as well. They feel really strongly about their opinion for pro-gay rights, and that’s great.” — Miss USA on Miss California. [Gatecrasher]
  • “I realized I was spending hours and hours in the middle of the night signing autographs. Unless I had assistants forging letters and signatures I knew I couldn’t continue. So I posted a message on the internet saying: ‘If I can’t do it honestly, I won’t do it any more.'” — Viggo Mortensen, on answering fan mail. [Daily Mail]
  • “He called me and said, ‘You know let’s do it right away.’ It was really emotional. I think the only way he could have come back was right after because his family was all there to support his boys. Liam is heroic. He came back and finished. I think he’s trying to absorb [what’s happened] … He’s suddenly a single parent with absolutely no preparation for that. But he is surrounded by people that really love him. There is a lot of support.” — Director Atom Egoyan, on Liam Neeson, who returned to the set of the film Chloe days after his wife Natasha Richardson died. [People]
  • “We’re just extremely careful with our shit. I keep a CD with me, I’m the only one who usually has a CD. Maybe me and Dre… Other than that, nobody has it.” — Eminem, on how his new album avoided getting leaked. [Rolling Stone]
  • “Watching it was horribly unhealthy for me. You think that would help keep me sober, you know seeing myself as this raving lunatic…It absolutely triggered these crazy urges to get loaded.” — Steve-O on watching his upcoming documentary about his addiction and recovery. [E!]
  • “For some reason people think like if you tell someone they’re too thin that’s OK. But if you tell someone they’re too heavy that’s insulting… It hurts either way. I’m the same weight I was before I was pregnant. I’ve been pregnant for two years in a row. I’m the same weight I was on 90210. I’m the same weight I was before I met Dean and we got married. It’s the same.” — Tori Spelling. [AP]
  • “If you read some of his early-life autobiography, it’s horrible… the amount of mental anguish he has to go through, just to have any kind of even vaguely sexual relationship. It’s really depressing what he’s going through in his head. Dali had a massive fear of penetration – penetrating someone or being penetrated… [As for the love scenes with a man,] I think girls almost really like watching something like that. From what I’ve read, people really get excited about that – it sounds really sexy!” — Robert Pattinson on playing Salvador Dali. [Independent]
  • “Marijuana has always been that drug that united people. It’s always been on the verge of being legal. It’s hardly a drug really. When people look at marijuana, they look at it as an enjoyment of connecting.” — Redman. [NY Daily News]
  • “Most of the time, songs that I write end up being finished in 30 minutes or less. ‘Love Story’ I wrote on my bedroom floor in about 20 minutes. When I get on a roll with something, it’s really hard for me to put it down unfinished. — From “10 Questions For Taylor Swift.” [Time]
  • “I don’t even know what ‘tweeting’ means … but it sounds dirty!” — Michelle Trachtenberg. [Gatecrasher]
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