No Sexism Allowed in the Malaysian Parliament, Sweetcheeks


Malaysia has just made a rule banning deployment of sexist comments on the floor of Parliament. This wasn’t a PC-Scandinavia-outlawing-all-gender-pronouns-style move; apparently up to this point, being a member of the Malaysian Parliament was sort of like being stuck in a business meeting with all of your dad’s grossest friends. And they’re drunk.

According to Raw Story, the new amendment to the Parliament’s rules of conduct came after years and years of hilaaaaarious jokes told by male members of the legislative body, including jokes about how ladies be having periods, ladies be not paying enough attention to their husbands’ boners, ladies be like toilets after you have sex with them a bunch of times because they get all dirty and gross.

Several Malaysian MPs have sparked controversy in the past with comments in parliament viewed as insulting to women.
In 2007, [opposition lawmaker Fong Po Kuan] was the target of remark that referred to her menstrual cycle when ruling coalition MP Bung Mohktar said during a discussion on a leaking parliament roof: “Where is the leak? The Batu Gajah MP also leaks every month.”

The new rule could subject violators to a reprimand, or even a suspension. Or a possible regular guest appearance on the Rush Limbaugh radio program.

[Raw Story]

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