No, You Do Not Need to Pay Someone $80 to Plan Your Dates For You


Online dating is tricky. Like when some dude posts four photos of himself and the first three are really flattering but the last one makes him look like a completely unrecognizable small child. Or when some woman seems super promising but then you find out that she’s already been on dates with your roommate and two coworkers and none of them went particularly well. Love is complicated! Life is hard!

But one hopes that when two people actually manage to connect without finding each other physically and/or intellectually repellent IRL, they’ll eventually move on to arguing over issues that don’t require a log-in username and password.

Of course, online dating companies don’t want that fairy-tale ending conclusion, because that’s how they lose customers. So HowAboutWe is launching a membership-based service for couples that’s like a curated Groupon for duos who don’t know how to match steak with dirty martinis by themselves.

According to Mashable:

With a $80 a month membership fee, romantic pairs can choose a free experience built for two – or pay extra for a more luxurious date. The company takes care of all the details including the planning, reservations and letting you know when and where to show up. The gratuity is often conveniently included in the fee. All patrons have to worry about is wining, dining and enjoying their company.
The handpicked experiences for couples are guaranteed to be original and exclusively available on HowAboutWe. Two popular packages that were offered recently include “Lazy Sunday,” a home delivery of brunch and dinner ingredients, and an experience called “Once in a Lifetime,” offering couples two tickets to the Once musical on Broadway.

How lazy can we get? Couples can’t look up listings by themselves? Haven’t you ever heard of FreshDirect?

In an email, a HowAboutWe spokesperson said the company is the first dating site to cater to couples. “Note — this is not a deals site with a cutesy romantic twist, it’s a subscription-based experiences site designed specifically for people in relationships,” she said. But that’s exactly what it is. Which is fine! A lot of people will be into this. A lot of unimaginative people with no sense of adventure who don’t like to think for themselves. (Kidding! Kind of.)

(Image via HowAboutWe.)

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