Non-White Lady To Marry Dude With White Supremacist Tattoos


Erica Herrera recently appeared on TV defending her fiancé. “He’s a really kind-hearted, good person,” Herrera told Salt Lake City’s KTVX-TV. On August 8, Herrera plans to marry Curtis Allgier, despite the fact that he stands accused of killing a corrections officer. And despite the fact that Allgier’s face is covered with tattoos, including swastikas, the words “Skin Head” and, um, “Property of Jolene.”

According to the AP, Herrera believes Allgier is innocent. “If he is ever convicted, she would either divorce him or annul the marriage, she said.” He faces the death penalty if convicted.

And! Ms. Herrera would like for everyone to know that Allgier’s white-supremacist ties don’t reflect his true beliefs.

“That’s obviously not what he is if he’s marrying someone that is of a different background than he is,” said Herrera, who is half Hawaiian and half Hispanic.

The couple will exchange vows through a glass wall at the prison, and are hoping Allgier can get transferred to a state where conjugal visits are allowed. No mention of tattoo removal has been made.

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