North Carolina Jumps On The Planned Parenthood Defunding Bandwagon


This week, North Carolina’s (female, Democratic) governor vetoed a budget which included the defunding of Planned Parenthood, among other cuts. And then, just after midnight today, the Republican-controlled House overrode it. The war is on.

It was being fought on other fronts, too, including teacher layoffs. But national observers are watching closely to see how Indiana, which already passed into law a similar Medicaid-related defunding, fares in a showdown with the federal government. As in that state, North Carolina would prevent Medicaid recipients from seeking care at Planned Parenthood facilities because some of its health centers also provide abortions.

The local Planned Parenthood issued a statement saying,

“Planned Parenthood in North Carolina is considering all options-including litigation-to protect the health care needs of our patients, particularly low-income women and families,” said Melissa Reed, Vice-President of Public Policy with Planned Parenthood Health Systems. “Over 20,000 North Carolinians raised their voices in support of Planned Parenthood this legislative session. We will make sure that state legislators hear from all of those citizens again on Election Day next year.”

In terms of statewide cost-cutting, the money Planned Parenthood receives for breast and cervical cancer screenings, contraception, or STD tests is a drop in the bucket: $434,000. That helps them serve about 25,000 North Carolina women and men, though.

Planned Parenthood Statement on NC Budget Override [PP]

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