Not Even Celebrity Children Are Safe From Vogue's Airbrushing


Vogue‘s photos of Kate Moss’s wedding are the centerpiece of the magazine’s all-important September issue — but someone got a little over-zealous with the post-production manipulations. In Mario Testino’s studio portrait of Moss and her daughter Lila Grace, several of the 8-year-old’s fingers have been erased.

Photoshop, in the right hands, can be a useful tool, but mistakes like this strike us as ham-fisted. You really have to hand it to Vogue. Did an inattentive so-and-so have their fingers in too many pies? How else to explain this heavy-handed editing job? One wonders, will Anna Wintour call for all hands on deck to finger the culprit? In this economy, Lord knows there are plenty of folks out there who are handy with the program, and who would have noticed and fixed this error handily.

…I’ll see myself out.

Kate Moss For Vogue September 2011 by Mario Testino [FGR]

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