“My father loved women. And my mom, like a smart Dominican woman, used to smell his underwear when he came home to make sure he hadn’t been with someone else.” — Michelle Rodriguez. [Latina]

“I can’t stand boys. A boy looks at me like he wants to bang me, and I wanna throw up. I like men, ’cause they’ve been around the block and they respect their mamis. It’s hard to find one that’s not machista.”
“If I had done what the powers that be in Hollywood told me to do-‘Do a hot action movie playing the half-naked girlfriend, then do a Maxim cover [which Rodriguez has turned down in the past] and then start a music career to make yourself even hotter’- I’d be making $10 million per movie by now. If I would’ve followed that formula, kissing all the asses along the way, then I’d be there right now. But I wouldn’t be happy because I wouldn’t be living my truth.”

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