Noted Anti-Vaxxer Jenny McCarthy Is Engaged to Donnie Wahlberg


Congratulations to Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg and The View’s ratings!

You can watch the entire segment where McCarthy announces the engagement (after Stephen Colbert tries to steal her thunder or something). The video also distills the lifecycle of a celebrity engagement into one 2-and-a-half minute segment:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

1) Announce engagement by flashing huge ring on one’s TV show.

2) Run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Luckily, Jenny still has her head so that she can scream her excitement.

3) Have your co-hosts test out whether that ring is as big as their head.

4) Brag that it’s a yellow saphire. Not a yellow diamond? Just kidding.

5) Recount sweet proposal that includes making your adorable child do all the work.

6) Allow your TV show to retweet every congratulations you’ve gotten:

In related news, McCarthy has also taken to the Chicago Sun Times to declare that she isn’t actually anti-vaccine. I’m excited to see what this and her impending marriage do for her Q score.

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