Notorious Child-Taunter Loses Custody Of Kids


Jennifer Petkov, whose name lives in infamy as that of the woman who taunted a dying 7-year-old, has lost custody of two of her kids to their father.

After Petkov’s attention-grabbing antics, ensuing insolence and ensuing apology, it seems the father of two of Petkov’s kids from a prior relationship filed for custody. After a hearing, a Wayne County Probate Court judge ruled on an emergency order and the children, 8 and 5m will live with their father until further notice.

If there’s a silver lining to the depressing saga, it’s that the abuse drew attention to the case of 7-year-old Kathleen Edward, the neighbor dying of Huntington’s disease. In addition to a fantastic spree in a toy store, yesterday Kathleen was treated to “a princess party” at a local pharmacy; the business is donating 20% of all toy and gift purchases to the family towards medical expenses.

Jennifer Petkov’s Kids Ordered To Live With Father [Fox]

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