Notorious Photographer Terry Richardson Now Working for Evisu Jeans

Despite all the controversy, Terry Richardson continues to work. His latest gig? A splashy Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign for Japanese brand Evisu, the makers of $300 jeans.

The brand — known for its premium denim — teased the new Richardson campaign on Instagram, asking followers to guess who the tattooed arm belonged to. Fans who guessed correctly won a pair of sunglasses. They’re not just using him as a photographer — he’s in all of the shots, alongside model Eniko Mihalik, wearing the clothes, and his name appears in huge type on the Evisu website. The brand is proud to have him.

Richardson has been repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct/harrassment/assault while shooting young models, and the New York magazine cover story did little to dispel the pervasive sense that he’s a sexual predator and all-around creep.

While some companies — Aldo, for instance — have distanced themselves from Richardson, he’s recently photographed some high-profile celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Martha Stewart and basketball star Carmelo Anthony. Richardson’s work will also be featured in a special Valentine’s Day issue of Playboy. Fashion is all, “what assaulted women?” Business as usual.

Images via Evisu.

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