Nude Gowns, Fairies and Disaffection at the Hunger Games L.A. Premiere


The stars of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 brought their B- game to the red carpet for the film’s L.A. premiere on Monday night; here’s Jennifer Lawrence wearing effortless disaffection. More looks below.

Jennifer Lawrence—or as Perez Hilton describes her, “a celestial being sent down to delight mortals”—wore a creamy Christian Dior gown that’s generally gorj and flattering but very bridal.

Maroon works well for Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth with that wide lapel has a dark and dashing Instant-Would-U vibe.

Stef Dawson, Erika Bierman and Natalie Dormer all resemble a fairy in various stages of her life: at a business event, at a sweet sixteen and at a wedding, respectively.

Amanda Stenberg’s dress unfortunately reminds me of holiday ribbon candy or a waterfall. Meta Golding’s busy gown lacks a focal point so your eyes go everywhere. Delightful is the best way to describe Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins in this LBD.

Conquistador Evan Ross is ready for a duel and will probably lose, and I’m not sure about the gown-blazer combination on Ashlee Simpson but it’s not entirely bad.

This actor Elden Henson is giving me Mr. Feeney professor steez. Sam Claflin and Wes Chatham are lucky they don’t have to do much of anything—just put on a skinny tie—to look fine.

“Is my hair perfect and windswept right now? I do not care. Is that an old joke? So what.”

Eugenie Bondurant, Jena Malone and Patina Miller smartly went for solid, simple and streamlined.

This glittery stripe idea just doesn’t work for me, and from the pictures it seems like Elizabeth Banks wasn’t totally feeling it either.

Donald Sutherland with the scarf and Jeffrey Wright going for tieless and top-button-unbuttoned execute the distinguished gentleman look well. Even Woody Harrelson, kinda, but he is truly just happy to be here.

Willow Shields’ dress is simultaneously cute and too much. I can’t tell if the print is cool or if it looks like bugs got caught on the dress.

What happens when the photographer says, “Line up in size order and squint.”

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