NY Post Critic Writes Nuanced Review of Lena Dunham's 'Blobby' Body


I resolved not to read any reviews of Girls this season because I’m over documenting the backlash to the backlash to the backlash. But, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the show or otherwise, I hope we can all agree that this New York Post “review” of Season 2 is outlandishly horrifying, because it’s not as much a review as an exercise in how many times writer Linda Stasi can shit-talk Lena Dunham’s body. For example:

It’s not every day in the TV world of anorexic actresses with fake boobs that a woman with giant thighs, a sloppy backside and small breasts is compelled to show it all.

That almost sounds like a backhanded mean girl compliment…until you get to the “sloppy backside” part.

It’s a boon for the out-of-shape, and perhaps a giant economic loss for high-end gyms, especially in Brooklyn.
In fact, Adam as well as another man are now obsessed with her and can’t get enough of her blobby body.
Interestingly, the gorgeous Marnie is the one who is now totally unlucky in love. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be smart, breathtakingly beautiful, nice and kind. Not when there are blobbies who are willing to take their clothes off in public constantly – even when they aren’t in character.

Wow, second use of blobby in a short article! Impressive.

Stasi also calls Dunham a “a pathological exhibitionist.” Because God forbid a 20-something woman write, produce, direct, and star in her own show. Get thee to a nunnery!

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