Oh No! Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen Posted Photos of Their Son's Bris


As long as Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen do what parents do and share stuff about their child(ren) with the world, people are going to have an issue with it and media outlets are going to write about it like it’s interesting. We’re in for a long slog.

Undeterred by the backlash to the photos and videos she posted of herself in labor, Mollen has continued to put up cute photos of her newborn on Instagram. Some of the most recent include pictures from her son Sid’s trip to the Rabbi to get circumcised.

Though the captions are a little cheeky (“Today was not a good day to be Sid’s penis. #babybiggs #circumcision” and “Right after we decided not to bury the foreskin in our backyard for fear that Teets might find it and bring it into the bed to sleep with us. That’s so Teets! #babybiggs #circumcision #teets”) there’s nothing crazy here. Let’s remember that, despite waning popularity, almost 60% of boys born in the U.S. are still circumcised.

But, sensing an opportunity, the New York Daily News decided to publish a piece entitled “Jason Biggs, wife Jenny Mollen cause uproar with photos from son’s circumcision ceremony” that consists entirely of comments pulled from Instagram from those angry about this hot-button issue:

“He has to live with a mutilated penis because his parents are ignorant,” one critic with the handle “Ianbrayamia” wrote in response to their photo.
Another, named “Floppymagma,” wrote, “Wasn’t a good day for poor Sid either! Poor baby. It’s amazing that a country so advanced in so many ways is still so backdated.”
“The decision to slice should belong to the owner of the sex organ,” one fan with the handle “randallreynolds” wrote.

The Daily Mail agreed, publishing “A Biggs decision! American Pie star Jason’s wife Jenny Mollen reveals their newborn son has been circumcised.” The piece starts off with the sentence, “It is a medical procedure with no obvious benefits.”

People getting upset about Biggs and Mollen circumcising their son is entirely unrelated to the couple’s “oversharing” birth videos. As is the case with issues like whether vaccinations will kill you or which side is right with regards to Israel/Palestine, circumcision always brings out those with the strongest of opinions clamoring to comment on a hashtag. This would have happened even if the pair hadn’t previously shared a photo of their son’s placenta. Next we’ll be hearing from those who are upset about the couple’s call to save their child’s umbilical cord because of its potentially life-saving stem cells. There will always be someone.

Image via Jenny Mollen/Instagram

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