Olivia Munn Insists People Are Speculating ‘Incorrectly’ About Her Relationship With John Mulaney

The actress seemed to have forgotten that she could just... not talk publicly about her relationship and pregnancy.

Olivia Munn Insists People Are Speculating ‘Incorrectly’ About Her Relationship With John Mulaney
Photo:Tibrina Hobson (Getty Images)

Olivia Munn knows what everyone’s saying about her and, shocker, she does not like it.

The actress is inexplicably still partaking in a press tour for her film Violet, which hit theaters last month, and took the time in a newly released interview to address the ongoing drama surrounding her pregnancy with one of the internet’s former boyfriends, John Mulaney.

In talking with the LA Times, Munn said it’s “definitely not foreign for me to have people speculate incorrectly about things and to have rumors run rampant in one way.”

“They think they know our relationship so well. When in reality, they don’t. There’s no way anyone could know what any of his relationships were or what our relationship is,” she told the Times.

Notably, the Times calls out that Munn was speaking in the present tense. Does this quell recent rumors that the duo has split? Perhaps, but Munn is mum. She told the publication she won’t “feed into a narrative that’s just not true” and added that people “ignore really specific public signs and actions that completely contradict the false narrative.”

“For whatever reason, it’s easier to blame me,” she said. “If I try to say anything, I run the risk of being called messy or not telling the truth. The only way to win, for me, is to pull back and to not play the game at all.”

Hmm. One could argue that taking part in an interview in a national newspaper is playing the game, but, sure, Olivia. Regardless, I’m deeply unclear as to what “really specific public signs and actions” are being ignored here.

Assuming you haven’t been under a rock in recent months, you know that Munn has been romantically entangled with Mulaney for months now. While two rich and objectively hot people having sex isn’t usually surprising, the pair have made thousands of headlines because their relationship appeared to coincide with the ending of Mulaney’s marriage to Anna Marie Tendler, about whom he often gushed in his stand-up routines. To add even more intrigue, shit really hit the fan when Mulaney announced Munn was pregnant with his child in September.

The pregnancy reveal packed a one-two punch for longtime fans of Mulaney. For one, the comedian previously said—repeatedly—he didn’t want kids. Secondly, the timeline here is suspect. Mulaney reportedly filed for divorce from Tendler in May 2021; mere weeks later, he was seen out to lunch with Munn.

Munn doesn’t owe the public an explanation or a breakdown of her relationship timeline—though we would all absolutely eat one up if it was provided. But the reality is that she chose to have a child with a man who has long been the Ultimate Wife Guy and that’s going to prompt the rumor mill to go into overdrive.

May we suggest you simply… not talk to any reporters anymore? Winter’s coming after all. Stay inside, lock the doors, and throw your phone into the sea for a bit.

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