Olivia Newton-John Is Selling Her Sexy Grease Outfit, Which She Had to Be Zipped Into

Olivia Newton-John Is Selling Her Sexy Grease Outfit, Which She Had to Be Zipped Into

Olivia Newton-John is selling off the outfit she wore in one of the final scenes of Grease, the one where she realized the only way to attract the future Scientologist of her dreams was to change her wardrobe/fundamental personality. If I had $200,000, I’d buy it myself and burn it in the name of feminism (after I wore it for Halloween, and maybe Thanksgiving). Alas.

But if you’re disgustingly rich, I encourage you to purchase this outfit, the proceeds of which will go toward Newton-John’s cancer treatment center in Australia.

“The pants have a broken zip and I had to be stitched into them because they were made in the ‘50s,” Newton-John explained. I’m not sure I understand—did the zipper break while she was trying to put them on, and that’s why she had to be stitched into them? Wouldn’t fixing the zipper just have been easier? What do the ‘50s have to do with anything? If you do end up buying these pants and learning their secrets, please let me know.

The Guardian reports that the outfit is just one of 500 items Newton-John is selling, which also include her original script, the gown she wore to the Grease premiere, and a custom Pink Ladies jacket.

“It took quite a few months to weed through boxes and storage containers. But it was a fun venture. It just took a lot of time and sorting,” she said.

Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time earlier this year. In January, she released a video that clarified that contrary to reports, she was not on her death bed, and was in fact doing quite well.

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