Olympic Thighs Will Put Stars in Your Eyes


Thighs and biceps and abs, oh my! The Olympics are still going strong and, thusly, so is our thighlight coverage. Get ready to ooh and ahh over the broad shoulders of water polo players, the insane arms of shot putters, and the oh-so-high leaps of the world’s best hurdlers. Sweet sassy molassy — it’s a good day to have eyes!

Abby Wambach, USA, Soccer

Alex Sandro of Brazil (L) and Ji Dongwon of Korea (R), Soccer

Alexandra Raisman, USA, Floor Exercise

Andrija Prlainovic, Serbia, Men’s Water Polo

Anna Meares, Australia, Women’s Sprint Track Cycling Final

Zhilei Zhang of China (L) and Anthony Joshua of Great Britain (R), Men’s Super Heavy (+91kg)

Carlos Salicido, Mexico, Soccer

Cesar Castro, Brazil, Men’s 3m Springboard Diving Preliminary

Christina Schwanitz, Germany, Women’s Shot Put

Iordan Iovtchev, Bulgaria, Rings

Javier Culson of Puerto Rico (L) and Angelo Taylor of the United States (R), Men’s 400m Hurdles

Jun Yang, China, Women’s Water Polo

Kirani James, Grenada, Men’s 400m

Han Hye Lyoung of South Korea (L) and Lieselotte van Lindt of Belgium (R), Women’s Hockey

Luc Abalo of France (C), Dalibor Doder (L) and Jonas Larholm (R) of Sweden, Men’s Hand Ball

Melaine Walker, Jamaica, Women’s 400m Hurdles

Mizuho Sakaguchi, Japan, Women’s Soccer

Edith Ogoke of Nigeria (L) and Nadezda Torlopova of Russia (R), Women’s Middle (75kg) Boxing Quarterfinals

Pietro Figlioli, Italy, Men’s Water Polo

Valerie Adams, New Zealand, Women’s Shot Put

Wanner Miller, Colombia, Men’s High Jump

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