OMG Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen Got Married


WAKE UP, UPPER EAST SIDE BITCHES: THERE’S A MARRIAGE AFOOT. Yes, plebs, you heard me: the human host of lovable nerd Seth Cohen (“Adam Brody”) and the human host of conniving and well-dressed teen Blair Waldorf (“Leighton Meester”) have been secretly joined in holy matrimony. It’s just as the prophecy (a fan fiction you wrote 6 years ago and did not tell any of your friends about) predicted.

According to Us Weekly, the two met on the set of The Oranges — a 2011 film that no one has ever seen which may have just been an elaborate HowAboutWe date facilitated by Josh Schwartz. But it worked: they’ve been dating ever since, and they’ve presumably been avoiding the deranged panopticon eye of Gossip Girl quite adeptly (also just media in general, because they’re extremely private).

To celebrate this beautiful union, I have carefully chosen a YouTube video of the couple acting in their respective beloved TV programs. It’s from 2007, and it’s set to “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt. You’re all very welcome. One thousand blessings upon us all.

Image via Getty.

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