One Direction Fans Can't Handle That Louis Tomlinson Might Be a Dad


It’s been tragedy after tragedy for One Direction fans this year. First, Zayn (the best member of the band) quit the group to live his life, and now it’s been reported that Louis Tomlinson (the second best member of the band) may soon be a father. What will die-hard Directioners do now that two of the five men they idolize can no longer be theirs?

Yahoo News talked to one fan, Kiri Deane-Spread Speir of Australia, has chosen to take the news of Tomlinson’s fatherhood in stride. She’s stated that she’s not going to get upset at the news and be happy for Tomlinson… if he is indeed happy. Other, less-accepting fans are gathering on Twitter under the hashtag #OhNoLouis. Yahoo also talked to another fan, a teen from France, who’s chosen to ignore the rumors, saying that Tomlinson’s impending fatherhood “is impossible.”

People first broke the news that Tomlinson’s good friend (not his girlfriend as originally reporter) Briana Jungwirth is pregnant with his child. While Tomlinson’s publicist hasn’t yet confirmed the news, a friend of Tomlinson’s told People that Louis was happy about the baby and vowed to be a hands-on father.

If the news is true, anyway, the only person who really has reason to be upset is Tomlinson’s ex of four years, Eleanor Calder. She and Tomlinson broke up only months ago, and Hollywood Life reports that the person who had to break the news to Calder was Tomlinson’s mother. #OhNoEleanor, am I right?

What I’m mainly sad about is that no one’s started the conspiracy theory that it’s actually Harry Styles that’s pregnant with Louis’ baby. Or that Louis himself is pregnant with the child of Harry Styles. Or that they got each other pregnant by knotting. Get on that, One Direction fans!

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