One Direction Fans Think The Daily Show Called Zayn a Terrorist


Well this is… something. One Direction fans are currently blowing up Twitter with the hashtag #thedailyshowgonetoofar because they feel their number one main man, Zayn, was called a terrorist in a segment on The Daily Show earlier this week.

The comment in question was a single item on a list that was part of a larger joke by “Senior Pentagon Correspondent” Jessica Williams during a bit that aired Tuesday night about whether or not we are really at war in the Middle East.

During the segment, Williams made a throwaway comment about one member from One Direction joining members from other terrorist groups (including the Zetas, who are more of a terrifying drug cartel and who are from Mexico) to form one “super” terrorist group. If you’re not a fan of One Direction, you probably missed it, as the purpose of the joke was pretty unrelated to One Direction and very related to the endless nature of the constantly evolving situation in the Middle East.

But it was not a throwaway comment to One D-ers. Apparently when Zayn first joined One Direction, he was called a terrorist because he is not white, blonde and blue-eyed pop star and also because he’s Muslim. He even quit Twitter for a bit because of it. More recently, some rando wrote a song called “Zayn Did 9/11.” So because of Zayn’s history of having to deal with racist shit, his fans are sensitive about protecting him.

Very sensitive.

It’s not funny to make jokes about terrorism in the first place.

Other hashtags that are trending: #ZAYNMALIKORANANGEL #zaynsavesthousandoflives #ZaynDefenseSquad

Update:The Daily Show has responded.

Image via Twitter

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