One Last Blessed Image of Ben Affleck and Dunkin' Donuts for 2020

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One Last Blessed Image of Ben Affleck and Dunkin' Donuts for 2020
Photo:Paras Griffin (Getty Images)

One thing I’ve learned in 2020 is that Ben Affleck has gotta have his java, and his java has got to be Dunkin’ Donuts.

This year brought us several photos of Affleck toting around Dunkin’ Donuts coffees, as well as a delightful blind item reporting that the corporate chain keeps his order on file (“iced coffee with a shitload of sugar”).

Jezebel still doesn’t know what Affleck, the unofficial celebrity spokesperson for the coffee brand, thinks about it shuttering 450 of its locations this year, but it certainly doesn’t seem like he’s feeling the effects of the closures yet.

Right under the wire, here’s one more blessed image of Affleck collecting several iced coffees and—bonus!—a box of munchkins outside his California home:

While getting a covid test on New Year’s Eve, Tony Hawk and his children were mistaken for people who might possibly be related to Tony Hawk:

Apparently this is far from the first time people have failed to recognize Tony Hawk in public. Despite being like, the one professional skateboarder the average person can name—and the only one that exists, as far as my mind palace is concerned—Hawk is often confused with other athletes. In 2017, a man at a restaurant guessed that he was Tom Brady; the year after, a TSA agent thought he was Lance Armstrong.

After briefly reviewing some Google image search results, I’m not totally confident I could pick out Tony Hawk at a restaurant, airport, or covid testing site. I can only hope thatI never have to, lest I one day become the subject of a viral tweet!

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