Oscar the Grouch Finally Teams Up With Garbage Rapper Macklemore


Meet Oscar the Grouch’s new buddy “Mucklemore” who stopped by Sesame Street to rap about the beloved character’s sad hoarding tendencies.

In an ode to garbage and how wonderful it is to keep a lot of around at all times, Macklemore’s Mucklemore’s megahit “Thrift Store” gets re-worked with new lyrics such as “I’m gonna pop some trash, only got seven bags in my trash can.” The new hook is “this is gross and awesome” which is something I hope and pray he works into future performances of this song because that is absolutely perfect. Not as good as Usher’s ABC song, but definitely worth it for the confused, slightly-dead-inside look in Mucklemore’s eyes as he sings “one grouch’s trash is another grouch’s outfit.”

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