Oscar-Winner Mo'Nique Will Not Get Out Of Bed For Oprah Winfrey


Today, Oprah aired her annual after-Oscars show from the stage of the Kodak Theater, where she interviewed Best Actress Sandra Bullock and Best Supporting Actress Mo’Nique, who doesn’t seem to give a shit about rubbing O the wrong way.

Oprah can act like it’s all well and good now that Mo’Nique refused her personal requests to do more publicity for Precious, but you know that when she called Mo’Nique—who wouldn’t get out of bed that day—from the Toronto Film Festival she was pissed.

I also like that Mo’Nique wouldn’t play along with Oprah’s whole, “You know you were gonna win…” thing.

Sandra Bullock was also interviewed, and she spoke about the joke she made about Meryl Streep being a good kisser, saying that it was her way of defusing the media’s tendency to pit women in the industry against each other.

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