Palin Interviewee Calls the President 'Hitler' [Update: Never Mind]


We may have laughed when Sarah Palin announced that she’d climbed down the ladder from Vice Presidential candidate all the way to Woman Who Rants Professionally On The Internet (hi, welcome!), but the former Alaska Governor was most definitely Not Fucking Around. Less than five hours into her subscription channel’s existence, a cranky dude was already referring to the President as “Nigger Hitler.”

According to the National Report, here’s what went down:

Palin sat down for a live “Real America” interview with George Seymour, 58, a coal miner from Bowling Green, Kentucky, as a part of what Palin had hoped would be “a series of interviews with real Americans, from real America, offering real American perspectives.”
[…] when she asked Seymour what he thought about Barack Obama’s presidency, the network’s first real scandal broke.
“I hate that n*,” Seymour said angrily. “I call him ‘N* Hitler.’ He wants to stick everyone that don’t agree with him in concentration camps [and] make us wear the mark of the beast. He’s a Muslim, gay-loving n* Hitler and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t wish he was dead or in jail.”

Palin nodded and smiled Palinesquely. Of course our President is N-word Hitler. Because everything in the world that you don’t like is so bad that it’s literally Hitler.

The video has since been taken down.

[UPDATE: The site that reported on the interview is actually a parody site. Once again, my confirmation bias has led me astray. Consider me fooled, and chastened.]

Image via Sarah Palin Channel.

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