Pandemic Disney World Guests Even More Rabid Than Normal Disney World Guests

Pandemic Disney World Guests Even More Rabid Than Normal Disney World Guests
Photo:Gregg Newton/AFP (Getty Images)

After skipping the temperature screening required in order to enter Disney World, a man insisted that he couldn’t be arrested for trespassing because he’d paid $15,000 for his family’s vacation at “the most magical place on Earth.”

When the man, Kelly Sills, was confronted by security at a Disney restaurant about missing the safety procedures required to enter the park, body camera footage shows that he yelled and refused to leave. He also reportedly tried to reason with officers by explaining he was a Disney stockholder, which, unsurprisingly, didn’t stop them from arresting him and ruining his $15,000 vacation.

When speaking to the Washington Post about the incident, Sills said he had inadvertently walked into the park through an exit, blamed the security manager for escalating the conflict, and compared Disney security to “Nazis” and “the mafia.” Ah yes, a totally rational and not at all absurd response to being asked to stand still for 10-15 whole seconds while having your temperature taken!

Sills was arrested on the first night of his family’s five-day trip to Disney World, for which he had paid—in case you missed it before—a whole $15,000. He pled not guilty to a trespassing charge. “Covid is a very serious thing,” Sills said to the Post, “but so is my vacation with my family.”

After the incredibly exhausting nature of this past year, I understand the need for a vacation as much as anyone. But is a $15,000 trip to Disney World equally as important to combatting a pandemic that has killed over 550,000 people in just over a year? No. No, it is not.

This could be a wild thought, but next time, it might be easier to just……. let them take your temperature.

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