Paris Hilton Runs Up $230,000 Bar Tab, Leaves $47K Tip

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If there’s one thing 33-year-old Hilton Hotel heiress Paris Whitney Hilton knows how to do, it’s have a good time.

Wednesday night, Ms. Hilton left her $13,000 dog at home so that she and a few chums could visit an establishment known for music and merriment. Once inside the New York City frolic pad known as Marquee, Paris “joined a table that ordered giant $100,000 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne, and 11 bottles each of Patrón, Cristal and Grey Goose.” A source claims the bar tab was $230,000, with a $47,000 tip. It is actually unclear if Paris — who reportedly recently earned $2.7 million in four days on her DJ tour — paid the entire bill or split this tab with her homeslices, but really, that’s beside the point, because the takeaway is: You and I are poor. [Page Six]

Apparently after some asshole attacked Kim Kardashian in Paris, she and Kanye were booed? In the immortal words of Yeezy’s friend Hova, CAN I LIVE? [ Page Six]

BTW King Kanye of the West and Princess Kim of Kalabasas will henceforth be ferried about in armored cars by armed guards while in the City of Lights. [TMZ]

Chris Martin is ready to introduce his girlfriend Katniss Jennifer Lawrence to little Apple and Moses, and Gywneth is having a Goop Poop. [Radar]

  • Wiz Khalifa may have cheated on Amber Rose but at least she’s getting a million bucks thanks to the prenup. Breakups are easier when you can eat your weight in tuna tartare/buy new shoes/fly to the Carribbean. [TMZ]
  • Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch on True Detective sounds great but is this thing a Whites Only Fountain or what. [Decider]
  • Shia LaBeouf tries (your patience). [BBC News]
  • Fancy lawyer gets fancy dress. [Daily Mail]
  • Very important Vampire Diaries news. [E!]
  • Real estate lust of the day: The Mary Kate Olsen/Olivier Sarkozy “lovenest” townhouse makes my spot hot. Portico. Loggia. Exercise pool. In Manhattan. Christ. [Curbed]

Images via Pacific Coast News Online.

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