Pastor Dad From 7th Heaven Confesses to Molesting Several Girls

New audio recording reveals that Stephen Collins, the actor best known for playing the father/pastor on the WB show 7th Heaven, has molested several underage girls.

Collins was recorded discussing multiple incidents in which he revealed himself to girls who were all between the ages of 11 and 14. The tapes — obtained by TMZ— were recorded by his ex wife Faye Grant, who was advised by a lawyer to record their therapy sessions after Collins told her that he had committed a violent felony.

On the recording, Collins struggles to list the number of girls he’s molested, but details a time when he forced his wife’s 11-year-old relative to put her hand on his partially erect penis. The victim reported the crime in 2012.

Collins is currently the subject of an NYPD criminal investigation.

[ TMZ]

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