Pat Robertson: Planned Parenthood Makes Straight Ladies Just Like Lesbians


We know you were all itching for more crazy from Pat Robertson, the man who explained to the world that abortion caused Hurricane Katrina. Well, here you go: apparently the reason liberals want to fund Planned Parenthood is so straight women can be barren, like lesbians.

Roberston’s bizarro explanation: lesbians can’t have kids, so “if these married women don’t have children, if they abort their babies, then that kind of puts them on a level playing field.” This would be a great way to connect the twin evils of abortion and equality for gay people, if it weren’t for the fact that lesbians can have children, and also that it makes no goddamn sense.

Robertson: Abortions Promote Lesbian Equality [Advocate]
Robertson: Left Backs Abortion Rights To Make Straight Women More Like Lesbians [Right Wing Watch]

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