Paula Deen Gets Buttered Up on the E! True Hollywood Story Tonight


In case you didn’t get enough schadenfreude back in June, tonight at 10pm, E! will air True Hollywood Story: Paula Deen.

According to the Huffington Post, the one-hour special will deal with things like Paula’s struggles with agoraphobia and the chaotic aftermath of her departure from the Food Network. In the clip above, the folks weighing in on Deen’s most recent tribulations include her sons, her lawyers, a black guy and, um, Anthony Bourdain.

In another clip, Deen’s sons talk about how lonely Paula was after her divorce: “I’ll never forget my mother telling me that she had gone out to eat the night before,” says Paula’s son Bobby. He asked who she went out with and she replied, “I went by myself, I go out to eat by myself all the time.” He says: “I found that incredibly saddening.” Um, isn’t it kind of cool to go out and eat by yourself? Seems sadder to hide at home just because you need a table for one.

Anyway! Paula Deen herself is not interviewed for the special. HuffPo says:

The show is far from a defense of Deen’s actions, but it doesn’t vilify her. She doesn’t come across as a martyr, but viewers end up feeling some sympathy for a woman who worked hard to support her family through some very rough patches.

If you want to revisit the 2013’s Summer of Racism Featuring Paula Deen before watching tonight, here are some posts:

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