Paulina Hates Your Boob Job; Oprah Buys Stock In J. Crew

  • Paulina Porizkova says news of Kate Hudson‘s breast augmentation “headed straight to my heart…The availability and ease of transforming our bodies is completely losing our identities and uniqueness. No one ages anymore, no one has imperfections of any kind anymore:
  • She continues: “All smiles are flawless and no one past 35 can express displeasure. Madonna no longer looks like Madonna: what started as a sexy, well shaped, and somewhat hairy Italian girl has ended as a cool Nordic blonde. It’s not that she doesn’t look great, she does. But she is starting to sort of melt away into the stew of the famous women over-fifty-high-cheek-boned blondes-who-cannot-frown.” Then Porizkova uses the word “pulchritude,” for which we love her. (Even more than before.) [Modelinia]
  • Cindy Crawford, who launched a home collection with J.C. Penney last year, is back with a jewelry line called One Kiss. She suggests you give it to your mom for Mother’s Day, like she is going to! “I grew up in the Midwest where everyone shopped at JCPenney. I love that my family and friends shop there and the store is accessible to everyone across the country.” [DFR]
  • We thought “road kill” was a little too unkind a descriptor for Jimmy Choo‘s $600 sneakers — say what you will of the company, their goods can be quite cute, and surely the sneakers couldn’t be that bad, right? Then we actually saw them. “Road kill” is putting it mildly. [FMMH]
  • Gee, for a washed-up old 29-year-old millionaire Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio sure is having a banner year for high fashion. She walked for Prada, Giles, and Louis Vuitton in Paris, and has now booked the fall Moschino campaign. [The Cut]
  • “I quit smoking in late February,” says Derek Lam, when asked what he’s doing for the planet. “I don’t know if that’s ‘green’ exactly, but it was the last of many attempts to quit.” Women’s Wear Daily notes that Lam would like to use some eco-friendly in his collection — “one day.” [WWD]
  • 14-year-old (happy birthday!) Tavi Gevinson: “My favourite directors are Wes Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton, Woody Allen, Michel Gondry, Sofia Coppola, Christopher Guest, Spike Jonze, and Hayao Miyazaki. My favourite films would have to be I’m Not There, Stand By Me, Vertigo, Heathers, Clueless, Rear Window, Psycho, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Wait Until Dark, The Virgin Suicides, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Edward Scissorhands, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Sandlot, Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline, Home Alone, Matilda, Annie Hall, Manhattan, The Parent Trap, It Takes Two, Totoro, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and The Breakfast Club. Whew! If I were to be judged based on that I would be a neurotic, bespectacled murderer cartoon ghost with scissors for hands who ditches school to find her long lost dad and save a farm. With telekinetic powers.

” So she’s basically the perfect person to co-judge a fashion film festival with Diane Pernet, then. [DazedDigital]
  • Met ball gossip! Christian Siriano says he’s making a dress for somebody. [@Csiriano]
  • Oprah, as we mentioned yesterday, is going in Oscar de la Renta. But yesterday, she interviewed J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons on her show — and reported that Michelle Obama inspired her both to start wearing more of the label, and to invest in the company. “Full disclosure here: I went and bought some J. Crew stock, and that was a very good decision,” said Oprah. [WWD]
  • If you really need to read a 1,400-word how-to article about wearing leather shorts — apparently it’s much more complicated than just putting them on, deciding if they look good, and leaving the house — then may we humbly suggest that they are probably not for you. [WSJ]
  • Fashion’s Night Out is growing this year. Vogue is kicking off the event with an in-season fashion show at Lincoln Center, which will feature over 200 models. (Which would make it about the biggest public fashion show New York has ever seen.) 1,500 tickets will be sold to the public, price TBD, and the event will be videotaped for the CBS reality show about Fashion’s Night Out. Expect plenty more in-store promotions, like last year, too. [On The Runway]
  • Fashion photographer Guillermo de Zamacona spent two years working to arrange a fashion shoot with five models, including Heidi Mount, in the monarch butterfly reserves northwest of Mexico City. So many monarchs winter in the dense forest that they cover the boughs of the trees. Zamacona’s project, however, which is now on display at a gallery in Chelsea, is to raise money and awareness about the deforestation of the monarchs’ habitat. [NYTimes]
  • There are rumors that New York might get a standalone men’s wear week, like in Milan. [Vogue UK]
  • “Some bloggers are now realizing what many fashion magazines have struggled with for years: How do you remain an independent voice without being co-opted by the very industry you cover?” Ha. Hahahaha. Hahahahaha! “Struggle with.” We haven’t seen much evidence of the women’s magazine industry fighting that particular bugbear in, um, decades. If ever. [TDB]
  • Benetton, getting plenty of good press for its unconventional new advertising campaign, where 70,000 people worldwide uploaded pictures of themselves and voted on others’ shots in a quest to become one of the brand’s new faces, is hinting that it may be looking to expand its retail footprint in the U.S. While it had some 600-plus stores here in the 1980s, the count now stands at around 100. “The U.S. is very competitive and requires a specific strategy,” says Alessandro Benetton. [WWD]
  • Barely a week after a glowing item in Women’s Wear Daily touted Essie cosmetics’ flush financials, and mentioned founder Essie Weingarten‘s coy unwillingness to just sell to any old Tom, Dick or Harry capitalist sniffing around, comes the news that Essie is sold to L’Oréal. Weingarten and her husband and C.E.O., Max Sartino, have both signed multi-year contracts with the new parent company. Plans are to expand the line overseas, and domestically, via L’Oréal’s superior distribution networks. We only ask that they never change the names. [WWD]
  • Sources say that BCBG, swamped with hundreds of millions in debt, is quietly looking to sell a stake in itself to a partner, likely a private equity firm. The company denies this. [NYPost]
  • Probably a good thing that Alex Carleton snagged that gig as creative director of L. L. BeanRogues Gallery, his other line, is scaling back its operations and closing its New York showroom. [WWD]
  • Fashion blind item! “Which American designer used to dress like a girl in high school, complete with ponytail & knee highs? Eventually his parents got fed up with the whole thing and marched him to his favorite store to buy a boy’s wardrobe.” Olivier Theyskens recently discussed his childhood identification as a girl, but he’s Belgian. [Fashionista]
  • Miss Sixty, which lost nearly $20 million worldwide in 2008, and entered bankruptcy proceedings in the U.K., is set to close another 10 of its 20 remaining U.S. stores. (Two were already shuttered.) “The company is definitely not going out of business,” said an anonymous American employee. [WWD]
  • You can now shop on your Facebook. Not for an imaginary barn, for actual shit! [TechCrunch]
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