Pauly D's Custody Battle Has Quickly Turned Ugly and Sexist


Earlier this week, it was announced that Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D is the father of a five-month-old baby girl he’s never met. He’s since filed court documents seeking full custody, claiming the baby’s mother, Amanda Markert—with whom he had a one-night stand in Vegas—is unfit because she once worked at Hooters.

Apparently Pauly’s past employment—as a low-rent Lothario bordering on rape artist on a reality television show that exposed his almost pathological disrespect of women, as well as his fucked-up sexual double standards—makes him the perfect candidate to raise a little girl he hasn’t bothered to meet since she was born in May, even though he offered to pay for her to be aborted last year, so he was well aware of her existence.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Pauly wanting to terminate that pregnancy. It was, after all, conceived after the pair had just met at a drunken Vegas pool party. But Markert decided against it, which probably wasn’t that surprising to anyone involved, considering that the 25-year-old already has a five-year-old boy from a previous relationship. Pauly, however, also cites that as another reason for “concern” in his custody case. Because having five years of experience as a parent makes a person less qualified for the job than a DJ who works in Vegas nightclubs?

It would seem that Pauly’s team is leaking story after story to TMZ, as they’re pro-Pauly and anti-Markert. For instance, the most recent piece of gossip paints Markert as a gold digging scumbag for trying to shop text messages from Pauly—in which he urges her to end the pregnancy—around to media outlets. (It also accuses her of keeping money he gave her that was meant for an abortion.) But according to her Twitter timeline, Markert is against exploiting her kid.

But who knows? She also posted a photo of her daughter, named Amabella, with thousands of dollars in cash on her high chair. Either way, this isn’t some girl that Pauly will be able to get rid of by calling her a cab at 5 am.


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