Pennsylvania Pol: Disgraced Attorney General Is a Woman, 'Not a Lady'


If you haven’t been following the career trajectory of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, suffice it to say that she’s not having a great week: a grand jury has recommended she be criminally charged for allegedly leaking grand jury documents. But more pressingly for far-right State Rep Daryl Metcalfe, she’s “not a lady.” A woman, but not a lady. One of those is bad, see.

A grand jury has reportedly recommended that Kane be criminally charged for allegedly leaking documents to a newspaper in 2009; the Philadelphia Inquirer, which broke the news, says the charges may include perjury and contempt of court. (The irony here is thick: Kane is charged with leaking grand jury documents, yet the Inquirer clearly found out about the grand jury decision, which is supposed to be secret until an indictment is handed down, from someone leaking them information.) Kane has said she’s being railroaded by “angry men,” and has admitted that while she did release a 2014 memo on the 2009 grand jury inquiry, in the interest of transparency, she didn’t believe it was under seal. Philly magazine argues that she’s both terrible at her job and being treated unfairly.

For years, Representative Daryl Metcalf of Pennsylvania’s 12th District has been one of Kane’s loudest critics, calling for her impeachment in 2013. Other things Metcalfe hates: same-sex marriage, allowing his openly gay colleagues to speak in favor of gay marriage, because they’re promoting “rebellion against God’s law,” care facilities who provide shelter for unaccompanied migrant children, and abortion, obviously, as well as Planned Parenthood.

Metcalfe also came thisclose to calling Kane a bitch this morning during a conversation with talk radio host Chris Stigall. As Philly mag was first to report, Stigall asked jokingly, “Why do you hate women, sir?”, to which Metcalfe responded, “I think my wife and my daughter would refute that fairly easily, and all of my staff that are all ladies. And there is a difference, I think, between a woman and a lady, and I would say the AG is a woman.”

Edgy, bro.

Image of cool dude Rep. Daryl Metcalfe via Facebook

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