Perez Hilton Has Been Banned From TikTok, Where He Was Apparently a Jerk to Teens

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Perez Hilton Has Been Banned From TikTok, Where He Was Apparently a Jerk to Teens
Photo:Duane Prokop (Getty Images)

Noted terror Perez Hilton was banned from TikTok over the weekend, reportedly following multiple violations of community guidelines.

Hilton is disputing the grounds for the ban, according to the New York Times, believing that he was kicked off because major influencers on the platform turned on him. In March, Hilton clashed with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio’s following after he commented on a video of her dancing in a bikini, asking, “Anyone else think it’s inappropriate for a 15-year-old to dance to this?”

Hilton tagged D’Amelio in a Saturday tweet, which included the hashtag #FreePerez and a video of him contesting the ban.

But in emails obtained by the Times, a content partnerships manager for the platform said that Hilton had been banned for posting content “that contains slurs and hate speech, sexual behaviors and nudity, and bullying.” Sadly, much of this tracks with Hilton’s long history of slut-shaming and bullying celebrities (including teenaged ones).

The sight of an adult man crying and begging a teenager to help him get back on an app predominantly used by teenagers—as Hilton did in Saturday’s video—is, frankly, too abject for me to watch in full.

For this one, I think I’m going to go ahead and side with Tatayanna Mitchell, a TikTok star the Times reports told Hilton: “I don’t know, Perez, maybe it’s time for you to just go to Facebook or something.”

Please press play on this video for a surprise. (The surprise is that legendary singer Smokey Robinson says he doesn’t know what “Chanukah” is.)

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