Perez Hilton: I'm a 'Victim of Taylor's Wrath'

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In a move one could describe as the only good thing she has done in the past few months if one were feeling particularly shady (which I currently am not), Taylor Swift has apparently gotten Perez Hilton suspended from Twitter.

The suspension, which Hilton revealed in a 6-minute video uploaded to his YouTube account, occurred after he posted a photo of someone holding a copy of Reputation (out this Friday) and revealing its tracklist. Soon after receiving a “take down notice” from Swift’s team, Perez claims he was suspended from Twitter. “Earlier today I was talking about how many journalists have felt bullied by the Taylor Swift machine,” he says. “I’ve never felt that before, but I now am a victim…of Taylor’s wrath.”

Hilton says his sharing of the image of the Reputation tracklist—which Swift verified as authentic just hours later—was “totally legal” and “protected under fair use,” adding, “If they try to sue me, I’m gonna hit up the ACLU.” (He could have gotten around this by simply embedding a tweet of the image, and it’s odd that he doesn’t realize this loophole by now.)

Despite calling the suspension “[as] lame as balls that are on fire,” Hilton claims it “will not disillusion [him] from Taylor Swift.” What a forgiving soul he has.

If you have any interest in watching the full video, which I watched at 2x speed, you can ruin your day here.

[Perez Hilton]

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