Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale Held Hands, Which Makes It Official 

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After weeks of speculation about whether they talked or flirted or cuddled or just politely exchanged pleasantries at a Golden Globes afterparty, it would appear that Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are dating.

The two left a comedy club in West Hollywood holding hands last night and maybe went back to Davidson’s hotel in Santa Monica. As someone who lives in L.A., you don’t go all the way from West Hollywood to Santa Monica with someone unless it’s serious.

You know what, I’m kind of into this. Though I can’t say I’ve ever entirely forgiven Beckinsale for what happened at the end of Brokedown Palace, she seems funny, cool, and like what Pete might need right now. Is it strange to do a set about how your ex-girlfriend told the world your dick is big when your dick isn’t really that big with your new girlfriend in the audience? Possibly. But Kate likes a good perineum joke, so she’s probably down.


Jennifer Garner’s divorce mansion is smaller than her marriage mansion but is still pretty big.

After selling the nine-bedroom, 14-bath house she shared with Ben Affleck to Adam Levine, Garner bought a 3,245 square-foot house with four bedrooms and a scant three bathrooms.

Here’s my question, what does one do with 14 bathrooms? Do people with such a bounty of lavatories sometimes, years after purchasing a home, find themselves urinating into a completely unfamiliar toilet, or do they try them all out right away?

[Us Weekly]

I can’t stop watching this video of a kid saying “fuck” in front of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

  • Victoria Gotti did not grow up with 14 bathrooms and has made a movie about it. [Page Six]
  • This article is very rude about Prince Harry’s hairline and insinuates that, like many men, he may have gotten married because he’s balding. Surely that’s not a thing. [Page Six]
  • I thought we all knew that the 90210 reboot is happening, but Tori Spelling has confirmed it. Get Brenda on board or gtfo. [Us Weekly]
  • Rachel Bilson and Rami Malek were, and continue to be, adorable, though Malek did at one time have middle school dance hair. [Page Six]
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