Pete Davidson and Meghan McCain Should Get Married


Following someone on Instagram and liking their content is often the first step to a real-life flirtation and—I’m speaking off the cuff here—a real-life marriage. Recently on The View, Meghan McCain said that she “follow[s] Pete Davidson on Instagram” and felt “extreme compassion” for one of his posts, which she “saw over the weekend.” Hmmm… That was on Thursday. Seems like a long time to be thinking about a random person’s Instagram post…

Unless Davidson is not a random person, at least not to McCain. I’m not saying that, in following Davidson online, McCain has formed a little tiny baby crush on him or anything, or that she’s liked his posts or watched his Instagram Story or maybe even sent him a DM and that she’s waiting for him to notice her, too, I don’t know—but I’m NOT not saying that. Everyone I follow on social media is someone I have a crush on. That’s a fact.

Pete Davidson is a Golden Labradoodle of a man: weirdly tall, has big eyes, is sweet-looking. I get it. He’s also hurting right now, and needs a friend, a confidante—someone who understands him. Maybe McCain has never met Davidson, but by her own admission, she knows enough to know they’d have something in common. The post she liked was actually very sad—in it, Davidson describes how fans have bullied him since his breakup with ex-fiancé Ariana Grande, bringing his history of borderline personality disorder and suicidal ideation into the picture.

Everyone is terrible, except for McCain, who says she gets what Davidson is going through. “I do think it’s different when you’re someone like Pete Davidson, or someone like us. It’s not just social media,” she says. Later, she adds, “I know what it feels like to be hated in the same way Pete Davidson does. I’m not asking for sympathy, but I felt extreme compassion for his post.”

She’s not asking for sympathy, but she is not NOT asking for a date. Need more proof? I feel extreme compassion for the people I am falling for all the time. I refer to myself yet again because I experience emotion in the most average of ways—like the literal mathematical average of everyone—so it’s actually extremely relevant to note this parallel.

So this could work. After everything he’s been through—meteoric rise to fame and spectacularly bad breakup—Davidson needs someone sensible, down-to-earth, and stable, like a daytime talk show host. I know what Meghan McCain is feeling, and I believe it is the beginning of a crush, and I have some advice for her: When you have a crush, you have to tell them, or if you’re on Instagram, you gotta like a bunch of their posts in a row or leave a cute comment. It’s the end of the year and it’s a time for boldness because anything could happen. Love is in the air, and these two people deserve to find it. Perhaps together.

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