Pete Davidson Finally Moved Out of His Mother's Basement

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Pete Davidson Finally Moved Out of His Mother's Basement
Image:ANGELA WEISS (Getty Images)

Congratulations are in order to the famous man I love, despite knowing that I should not, but I cannot help myself because the heart wants what it wants: Pete Davidson has finally moved out of his ancestral home, his mother’s basement on Staten Island. Also, he’s “officially” (?) dating that lady from Bridgerton, Phoebe Dynevor. It’s a long-distance relationship. Ah!!

First of all, the New York Post has secured photos of Davidson’s new home; it’s fine, it’s a condo, it’s still on Staten Island, and honestly, it’s not his sad-man lair in the basement so looks like an improvement to me. There’s some fetching wallpaper in the restroom, a view of the beautiful Staten Island Ferry, and also a lovely terrace. It’s not flashy! It’s just, like one of those condos that pop up on waterfronts in cities that all sort of look a little soulless, but really, are fine. Nice starter home, or just, a regular home, if that’s what he desires.

How lovely for Pete to have moved out on his own, just as the tabs are reporting that whatever he’s doing with Phoebe Dynevor, is at least “serious” enough to be called dating? Ahh, hmm, I don’t know about that. Here’s what a source said to Us Weekly:

“Pete and Phoebe are still going strong despite not being able to physically spend time together… They keep in touch over text and FaceTime. Right now, they’re just focused on work. … They’re not looking to rush things.”

Hmmm, okay. Pete is in New York because he’s working on SNL. Phoebe is in England because she’s filming something. They were “spotted” being handsy in Caverswall, England earlier this year, and then Phoebe came to visit Pete and now Pete might go visit Phoebe for her birthday. All nice things to hear! However, I do think that calling this “dating” is rushing both parties, especially because who knows what they’re doing, but also because famous people can’t casually fuck or make out with each other at a party without seeing “news” of their relationship in the papers, etc. Here’s another reason why I believe this to be true:

“They’re happy with each other,” the insider says. “He makes her laugh. Pete is a good guy and definitely a charmer. He’s easy-going and fun to be around.”

Like, yes! Pete Davidson is fun to be around, he’s probably very good on the phone, and though I know he said that his dick isn’t as big as Ariana Grande said it was that one time, well, I’m pretty sure that whatever size it is, he knows how to use that thing right. But this isn’t “dating”? Or if it is, who cares!! Just…. let these young people explore each other’s bodies and minds in peace. [Us Weekly]

Here’s just one photo of Tom Brady “celebrating” his Super Bowl win at Disney World, holding a lightsaber and looking, I’m sorry, like a tool!!

Image:Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney World Resorts (Getty Images)

He was there with the whole family! Gisele was there! They rode some rides! I know he plays for the Buccaneers now and is no longer a New England Patriot, but I don’t care for him, and that has nothing to do with the fact that he was a New England Patriot and everything to do with the choices he makes in his personal life. [Page Six]

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