Pete Davidson Has Taken a New Lover

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Pete Davidson Has Taken a New Lover

Once upon a time, Pete Davidson dated Cazzie David, daughter of Larry. The match made sense: She seemed funny and nice; so did he. Neither of them were massive, globally-famous pop stars. Then he and Ariana Grande happened, and the Earth spun off its axis into deep space. Then he and Kate Beckinsale happened, and that was confusing, too.

Now, a shift has occurred in the universe. According to Us Weekly, Davidson is has started dating Andie MacDowell’s daughter, Margaret Qualley, an actress who plays a Manson Family member in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

“They’ve been seeing each other for a couple of months and Margaret is really excited about him,” a source tells Us, noting that the pair are planning to make their red carpet debut at the Venice Film Festival together.

Qualley, to my eye, looks a lot like David. She, too, has a famous parent, and while she’s achieving fame for herself, she’s nowhere near the heights of, say, a Grande or a Beckinsale. Has equilibrium returned to Davidson’s dating life? Has order been restored? Or is he trying to recapture a time before the Ariana days; a time of innocence now gone? Does Qualley mind that Davidson probably still lives in his mom’s basement? Somehow this all feels wrong! [Us Weekly]

What is this new tattoo on Brad Pitt’s arm? (Enlarged image here.)


To me, this is pretty obviously a man with his back turned to a quote he got for his now-ex wife. Given the direction of the shadow, it seems that this man, whoever he may be, is heading into some sort of light—a brighter, Angelina Jolie-less future, perhaps? [Us]

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