Piers Morgan Slams Shia LaBeouf: Rape Claim Demeans Real Rape Victims

Because he now feels compelled to latch his talons into every news story lately, professional blowhard Piers Morgan offered his useless analysis of Shia LaBeouf‘s recent allegation that he was raped by a woman during his art show.

LaBeouf shared a horrifying story about an experience with a woman who came to his #IAMSORRY performance art piece in Los Angeles earlier this year. “[She] whipped my legs for ten minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me,” LaBeouf told Dazed magazine.

Yesterday on Twitter, Morgan weighed in with his thoughts—if you can really call a cluster of dumb, victim-shaming nonsense “thoughts:”

“Shia LaBeouf’s claim to have been ‘raped’ is truly pathetic & demeans real rape victims. Grow up, you silly little man,” Morgan posted on Twitter. “A Hollywood actor sitting with a paper bag over his head who did nothing as he claims a woman ‘raped’ him has not been raped. #labeouf.”

“People are actually defending Shia LaBeouf. The world’s gone mad. He’s invented a supposed ‘rape’ for cheap PR – utterly shameful,” he continued. “Shia LaBeouf should 3apologise for his outrageous ‘rape’ claim & those who defend him should be ashamed of themselves.”

Here is more of his shame-y bullshit.

This is not the way to help or protect survivors of rape or to further the dialogue we should be having about how we treat victims in general.

There has been a great deal of discussion following LaBeouf opening up about what happened to him on that day. There are important conversations happening right now because he shared that story and it is something that has clearly touched a nerve with a lot of people—men and women. If there is anything positive that comes out of this horrible thing, it’s that we are discussing and scrutinizing, more and more, the way our society treats and discusses victims. Yes, within that discussion there have certainly been disagreements between people who have strong feelings about LaBeouf’s experience.

One thing we call all agree on, however, is the one person nobody needs to hear anything from on this topic is fucking Piers Morgan.


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Me, all day this Thanksgiving:

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