Pink Singing the National Anthem With the Flu Is the Most Impressive Part Of the Super Bowl So Far


Thus far today, I, the picture of health, have 1) watched six hours of the TV program ER, and 2) eaten a burrito. Pink, who has the flu, sang the National Anthem live during the most-watched television broadcast in the country. I suppose Pink’s performance might have sounded better had her body not been wracked with a debilitating viral infection, but considering I, a healthy person, couldn’t even be bothered to wash the plate that once held my burrito, I am very impressed. Also, there is a plate in my bed somewhere, and I should probably find it.

Here is Pink singing with the flu, and also throwing what appeared to be gum [update: it was a lozenge] on the ground, which hopefully Tom Brady steps on and gets stuck in his football shoes.

Pink is rooting for the Eagles, according to her Instagram. I was rooting for Pink, and now I have already won.

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