'Piss Christ' Artist Now Proud Owner of a Piece of Trump's Wedding Cake


Andres Serrano, the artist famous for using human excrement, breast milk, urine, and semen in his artwork, is the proud new owner of a tiny cake that Donald and Melania Trump served at their wedding. Why anyone would want to own, let alone spend $1,880 to purchase decades-old cake is beyond me, but I do feel assured that Serrano is absolutely the best candidate and will be a responsible, inventive caretaker. This is the guy who, after all, created Piss Christ, a photograph of a crucifix placed within a glass full of Serrano’s urine.

The Washington Post reports that the artist spent $1,880 on the tiny cake, which, at about 3 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide, is probably not much smaller than the size of Trump’s tightly clenched fist. The cake comes in a box with “M D T” monogrammed in gilt. It seems fine if you are one of those people who thinks, incorrectly, that buttercream is better than chocolate:

The miniature cakes were edible stand-ins for a $50,000 confectionery feat requiring elaborate wire supports that made it impossible to serve to guests. Buttercream filled the seven-tier, 200-pound sponge cake, flavored with orange zest and soaked in Grand Marnier liqueur. It was festooned with 2,000 sugar-spun flowers.

Serrano previously photographed Trump in the early 2000s, but he has not revealed his plans for the cake. May Trump’s extravagant cake inspire the artist, and his urine, once again.

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